About Us


Space loans is not only a top tier website dealing in offering affordable logbook loans but has over the years established itself as one of the most reliable sources of credit rating information. We have curved a niche for ourselves as the most credible provider when it comes to provision of affordable Logbook loans to UK citizens. We believe that no single person should be denied an opportunity to get access to a loan simply because their credit rating is wanting. For this reason, we are continually working towards enlightening our customers to understand what a credit score is, what affects a credit score, what to do to improve one’s credit score as well as the factors to be taken into consideration before applying for a logbook loan.

Our logbook loans are affordable in the market and we are consistently working towards ensuring that we not only meet the needs of our customers but also ensure that they are satisfied beyond measure. We believe that reducing the APR to affordable levels is what has put us in a different radar as compared to our competitors. We are always ready and willing to guide our customers so that they can make informed decisions.